Plastic PVC granule making machine

waste scrap hot cut air cooling plastic PVC pelletizing machine pelletizer equipment

Raw Material: Waste used PVC products or PVC powder    Related products:   PP PE PS ABS granulating pellet making machine PP PE plastic pelletizer price

Capacity: 100-250kg/h

Cutting type: hot cut, air cooling

Motor: hua tiao, kongte, or simens for option

Heating: Aluminum heating

This waste PVC pelletizer machine is for PVC products or PVC powder with other ingredients. The PVC products have many forms: sheet, container, pipe, injection packaging products., etc. And the pvc pelletizer machine production process is as below: transport—-crush—–wash—–plastic melting—–die head form shape——die head hot cut——air cooling transport system——storage silo—–pack

PVC product plastic symbol code is , melting temperature is around 240 degree, and is also sensitive to heat, thus most time use aluminum heating way to heat, and hot cut, air cooling.

Here are some sample pictures for PVC products: 

The final product of this waste plastic PVC pelletizer machine is pellet/granule:

Configuration of this PVC pelletizing machine: 

configuration/ machine model JH-100 JH-120 JH-140 Remarks
screw&cylinder 38CrMoAl nitriding, Φ100mm, 28:1 38CrMoAl nitriding, Φ120mm, 28:1 38CrMoAl nitriding,Φ140mm, 28:1 Material:38CrMoAl
reducer: medium hard tooth gear box or hard tooth gear box 200 250 280 Material according to customer option
screen changer 200*200mm 220*220mm 240*240mm hydraulic or none b, manual for option
auto hot cut system 300# 320# 360#
air cooling transport system 1.5kw 2.2kw 3kw
heating system 6 heating sets 6 heating sets 6 heating sets
inverter yes yes yes
install power 24kw 32kw 47kw
capacity 120-150kg/h 150-180kg/h 180-230kg/h

Remark: single stage PVC pellet making machine is fit for waste PVC products or pvc powder.

Plastic PVC granule making machine

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