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Configuration of this plastic recycling machine:

Material: carbon steel or stainless steel

Capacity: 100kg/h-1000kg/h

Application: PP/PE film, woven bag., etc, soft material

Screw&Cylinder: 38CrMoAL nitriding, 45# stainless steel quenching for option

Heating way: stainless steel heating, ceramic heating, electro-magnetic heating

Screen changer: manual, electric gear, hydraulic, electric auto none nets

Motor: hua tiao, kong te, simens for option

Reducer: hard tooth gear box, medium hard tooth gear box, turble gear box


Electric control appliance:  delixi, xinling, schnzidier

Install power: 100kw-500kw

We are plastic recycling machine manufacturer for nearly twenty years till now, we have more than 20 years field experience engineers, we can do the diy plastic granule making machine for you according to the material type, capacity, final pellet quality level, then to design the screw compress part, measuring part, melting part, output transport part, to reach the best match of whole set of pelletizer. The plastic pellet making machine price is different according to defferent machine configuration, sure we can do fully automatic plastic pelletizing machine, it will save much labour for you, in long run, the average cost per ton of granule will be cut down, dedails please refer to our people. 

granule machine

The PP PE plastic  granules extruders machine production process chart is as below:
Crush—wash—-feeding—-plastic melting—-second plastic melting—-die head to form strand—-water cooling—–pellet cutting—-pellet drying—-storage
Before this plastic pelletizing extruder, you need to have the plastic crush washing recycling machine first

Raw material of  pelletizing machine: 

Final product of this machine: granules

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fully automatic plastic pelletizing equipment
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