waste scrap plastic bottle crush recycling machine

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500-3000kg/h hot wash pet flakes making machine

Machine material: carbon steel or stainless steel

Capacity: 500-3000kg/h

Machine component: bale opener, belt coneyor, trommel machine, assort table, belt conveyor, label remover, assort table, belt conveyor, crusher, flotation wash tank. friction wash machine, hot washer, friction wash machine, flotation wash tank, flotation wash tank, friction wash machine, dewater machine, storage silo. Different bottle source, the machine configuration match may different.

Application: PET bottle

Final product: pet flakes, moisture<1%

PET flakes level knowledge:

level by color: clear>white>blue>green>assort color

level by wash: hot washed flakes>cold washed flakes

level by sanitary: high clean>rough clean

This PET bottle recycle machine can make PET flakes for different levels, so before buying a suitable PET bottle recycle flakes making machine, you need to know which level flakes you want to sell, and which kind of market you want to enter into, thus the machine match may different up to final product and also the pet bottle kind. If you have PET bottle brick, you also need bale opener and trommel machine to remove the stone or  large contaminates.

The process of  plastic bottle recycle machine is:(if all material is round waste pet bottle, no need bale opener and trommel machine)

bottle brick bale open—-transport——shave and remove the large contaminates like stones, mud, large dust——-transport——assort——-transport——label removing——transport—–assort——crush——flotation wash—–friction wash—–hot wash——flotation wash—-friction wash—–flotation wash——friction wash——dewater——hot pipe system drying system——storage

pet bottle recycling processwaste plastic bottle crush recycling machine

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pet bottle recycling machine configuration
pet bottle brick recycling machine configuration

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