pet flakes dewater machine

high efficiency easy use pet flakes chips dewatering machine

Configuration of this pet flakes dewatering machine:

Machine material: carbon steel or stainless steel

Capacity: 300-3000kg/h

Motor: hua tiao, kong te, simens for option

Inverter: MBK, AMB, CDE, SIMENS for option

Application: PET flakes, other hard material flakes

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PET bottle flake horizontal dewatering machine is mainly suitable for waste plastic sheet, granular and other soft plastics. After dewatering after crushing and washing, dewatering waste plastic can be done once. Production capacity: 500-3000 kg / hour .

PET bottle flake horizontal dehydrator works:

PET bottle flake horizontal dewatering machine is completed by one-time using spiral movement, separation and dewatering, automatic feeding and automatic discharging. After the material is washed out of the rinsing water tank, it directly enters the feed hopper of the horizontal dehydrator. The blades of the horizontal dehydrator are arranged and distributed at a certain angle with the main shaft. With the drive of the motor, the main shaft rotates at high speed, which drives the plastic bottles High-speed rotary motion, the water leaves the bottle under the centrifugal force. At the same time, the blades with a certain angle push the bottle flakes to the end of the discharge port, and the double outlet design of the discharge port eliminates frequent bag changes. The spin-drying degree is as high as 98.5%, and the production capacity is strong. This product has unique features, novelty, and high safety. It is one of the ideal equipment in plastic processing machinery. It can also be used alone with the complete PET plastic bottle cleaning line.

Features of PET bottle flake horizontal dehydrator:

1. PET bottle flake horizontal dewatering machine is specially used for the cleaning and dewatering rate of waste plastic tablets and granules above 98.57%, less power consumption, fast efficiency, high degree of automation, greatly reducing labor intensity;
3. The PET bottle chip horizontal dewatering machine is dehydrated cleanly, and can remove the fine debris such as particulate mud and sand in the plastic sheet;
4. PET bottle flake horizontal dewatering machine has advanced technology, low wear, low noise and safe use;
5. The double outlet design of the PET bottle flake horizontal dehydrator saves time, labor and labor;
6. PET bottle flake horizontal dehydrator has the advantages of scientific design, simple structure, convenient disassembly and assembly, and easy cleaning.

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