500kg/h pet plastic recycling machine price

Pet plastic recycling machine material: carbon steel or stainless steel

Capacity: 500-3000kg/h

Application: waste plastic pet bottle

Motor: hua tiao, kong te, simens for option

Inverter: MBK. AMB, SIMENS for option

Install power: 40-200kw

This pet plastic recyling line power consumption: 20kwh/h-120kwh/h

Water consumption: 1t/h—5t/h

This waste pet plastic recycling machine is fit for recycling waste plastic pet bottles, like milk bottle, water bottle, cola bottle., etc. The plastic symbol for PET is1.PET symbol. Please refer to the below table for your reference for the other plastics, you can find them on the plastic products:

plastic detailed symbol code

PET plastic recycling process is as below:

bottle brick bale open—-transport——shave and remove the large contaminates like stones, mud, large dust——-transport——assort——-transport——label removing——transport—–assort——crush——flotation wash—–friction wash—–hot wash——flotation wash—-friction wash—–flotation wash——friction wash——dewater——hot pipe system drying system——storage

Product Show:

pet bottle recycling process

bottle recycling process
pet bottle recycling machine configuration
pet bottle brick recycling machine configuration

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