Plastic PE PPR multi-layers 3 colors co-extrusion pipes making machine extrusion line

Application: PE PPR

Final product: pipe

Motor: hua tiao, kongte, simens

Converter: CDE. ABM, ABB, SIMENS

Pipe scope: DN50-630MM


The lines consists of the below equipments: master extruder, symbol printing machine,vacuum shape forming machine, water chilling machine,traction machine, cutting machine, pipe storage stand machine,electric control cabinet

Auxiliary machines: plastic material mixer machine, printing machine, crusher.

PE PPR pipe making machine production flow chart: 

    Plastic material and auxilliaries preparation—–material mixing—-material transport—-feeding—–plastic melting——mould extruding—–shape forming—-vacuum  spraying machine—–cool water chilling—–printing—–traction—–cutting——storage stand——pack

Product Show:

Parameters of this PE PPR 3 colors co-extrusion pipe making line:

No Name Function
1 material mixer mixing material mix raw material and auxilaires to get best production proportion, and get material cool down to 40-50 degree to transport to melting machine
2  master extruder transport material
3 Vice extruder feed
4 third extruder after screw and cyclinder different parts function plastic melting, to extruding
5 vacumm shape forming and chilling machine plastic pipe shape forming and get cool down
6 water chilling machine water chilling to get pipe furthermore cool down
7 printing machine print logo
8 tranction machine to tract the shaped pipe smoothly to prevent disformed, control by frequency motor
9 cutting machine  pipe cutting
10 pipe disload stand to storage pipe temporarily and disload pipe automatically to facilitate pack
11  crusher to crush material if need

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