hydraulic filter

Plastic machinery application hydraulic filter

Configuration of this hydraulic filter:

Material: stainless steel

Model: 170, 200, 220, 250, 280, 300, 330, 350, 400

application: plastic extrusion machinery

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hydraulic screen changer

plastic extrusion machinery application hydarulic filter screen changer have types of Single board, double board, screen changer, hydraulic screen change quickly, easy for production and maintenance.
The built-in sealing device has good sealing performance, which can meet the high extrusion output of any polymer, and can be used with different standard extruders.
The filtration area is optional from ¢ 250mm- ¢ 350mm.
Highly wear-resistant, high pressure-resistant, high-precision filter design improves the effective area and filtering quality.
Under the conditions of pressure of 25-30Mpa and temperature of about 300 ° C, the use performance is not affected.
Screen changers can be used for almost all polymers, such as PC, PMMA, PET, PS, PU, ​​PP, PE, EVA, ABS, etc.

The hydraulic automatic screen changer relies on a hydraulic station with a complicated structure to switch the screen changer or screen changer back and forth.

Hydraulic automatic screen changer has the advantages of compact size, good back pressure sealing, and fast screen change speed.


Suitable for high-transparency, high-viscosity, easy-to-crack, high-molecular-weight plastic filtering devices The runner does not retain plastic and has a short residence time. On-site leak-proof adjustment can be made to the metal’s expansion coefficient due to processing temperature. The oil pressure start hole to hole change screen time is about 0.01 seconds, and production is not interrupted. The steel mold of the filter hole can be removed separately to ensure that the plastic in the retention hole is cleaned up, and the clean steel mold of the filter hole can be quickly replaced to ensure that the plastic behind the filter is clean. There is a preheating device, which does not slow down the plastic cooling flow when changing the screen.

Raw materials: pe, pp, can be customized according to customer needs

hydraulich filterautomatic hydraulic filter

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