HDPE bottle

HDPE PP plastic waste bottle recycling crushing machine

Machine material: Carbon steel os stainless steel

Application: HDPE bottle, PP bottle, containers

Components: belt coneyor, crusher, flotation wash rinse tank,friction wash tank, flotation wash tank, friction wash tank, dewater machine, storage silo. material different, the machine configuration will be different

Final product: plastic chips

Motor: hua tiao, kong te, or simens for option

Electrical appliance: delixi, xinling, schnzidier

Capacity: 300-3000kg/h

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This plastic bottle recycling crushing machine is designed to recycle waste used HDPE PP plastic bottle, containers, like shampoo containers, other PP PE plastic containers like milk bottle, liquids bottle., etc. The final product is clean crushed plastic chips, the chips will be used to reprocessed to manufacture plastic products.

The process of plastic recycling recycling process is as below:

source raw material——–assort——-transport  coneying——crush—– flotation wash——friction wash——flotation wash——friction wash—–dewater—-storage

The devices will be different up to the final products require.

hard plastics recycling crushed plastic chip

flotation washer tank

film washing tank

HDPE PP hard plastic washing line

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