Company Introduction: 

We are plastic waste film crush recycle washing  machine line manufacturer for nearly twenty years till now, we have more than 20 years field experience engineers, we can do the diy plastic pellets making machine for you according to the material type, capacity, final pellet quality level, then to design the screw compress part, measuring part, melting part, output transport part, to reach the best match of whole set of pelletizer. The plastic pellet making machine price is different according to defferent machine configuration, sure we can do fully automatic plastic granules making machine, it will save much labour for you, in long run, the average cost per ton of granule will be cut down, dedails please refer to our people. 

The  film waste  crush wash recycling machine is fit for recycling PP PE film used in agricultural field, industrial field, like wrapping film, single layer shopping bag, PP woven bag. the whole line machines can be more or less, all according to your final product request:

The plastic film recycling process is as below: 

transport—–crush—– first wash—–flotation wash—–dewater——-flotation wash——dewater—–flotation wash——dewater—–storage

  • plastic PP PE PS ABS pellet making machine
  • plastic granulating line
  • PP PE granule machine

Configuration of Agricultural industerial waste film crush recycle washing  machine line::

Material: carbon steel or stainless steel

Capacity: 300-1000kg/h

Components: transport belt conveyor, crusher, friction wash machine, flotation wash tank. dewater machine, flotation wash tank, friction machine, dewater machine. the final product require different, the whole machine line will be different, wash machine can be more or less.

Application: PP PE film, woven bag., soft material

Equipment Details: 

Application: waste or new PP PE LDPE LLDPE film and bag type soft plastics, like agricutural film, landfill film, indutrial bag and film, concrete bag, powder bag etc.

Capacity: 100kg/h-1000kg/h

No Name Specification and remarks
1 transport conveyor belt machine transport material
2 soft material crusher/shredder crush material
3 washing conveyor loader first wash to remove dust and mud
4 friction washing machine second wash with high speed squeezing
5 concrete washing pool or steel washing rinse tank concrete pool customer build yourself to save cost
6 washing roller push the material forward to make faster and better wash
7 vertical dewater machine qty is according to whole line capacity
8 material storage platform or portable material storage platform portable material storage platform customer can prepare yourself to save cost
9 frequency transport conveyor belt machine to smoothly and quantatitively transport material to prevent stucking
10 forced frequency feeding silo to smoothly and quantatitively transport material to prevent stucking
11 master extruder plastic melting and remove contaminates, transport to vice extruder, material different, the screw structure different. electric gear screen changer and hydraulic screen changer are for option. hard tooh square type gear box/reducer, 38CrMoAL and 45#ss screw&barrel for option. electro-magnetic heating and infrared heating for option.
12 vice/baby extruder second plastic melting, to remove contaminates furthermore, hard tooth square type gear box/reducer,38CrMoAL and 45#ss screw&barrel for option. electro-magnetic heating and infrared heating for option.
13 water chilling tank to cool the plastic strand to best crystalized
14 plastic strand dryer machine to dry the surface water of strand after water chilling
15 pellet cutter cut pellet
16 drying storage silo dry and pack

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